6.3 communication

Tracking Students

Tracking student participation is made easy. Tracking access to course content, responses to quiz questions, discussion participation, grade point totals – all are readily available for viewing and analysis.

  • attendance – not logging in for 10 days “counts” as 3 or more unexcused absences
  • log of messages to students – record of conversation
  • quiz response report – are students understanding the concepts that this question test? Should the questions be changed? Should the teaching be changed?

Students – profile, activities

There is a lot of information about individual students that is accessible from the student profiles

  • Profile
  • Forum posts
  • Blog
  • Notes
  • Activity reports


The Report page allows the teacher or administrator to look at course/site logs and user activity reports. Report Icon link.JPG can be found in the administration block. Site reportsare available to users who have been assigned administrative role (privileges). This page will focus upon course reports, but both site and course reports are similar in the way they operate.

The displayed logs will show active links to other parts of the course. These include the user’s profile, or a specific page in an activity or a link to a resource.

Students have expectations too…

Are YOU and your course meeting your students’ expectations? Do you know what students are expecting from a technology enhanced instructor? Ask them. Including frequent surveys or critical thinking assignments that ask students about their own learn experience in your course environment are wonderful sources of information and insight. You are not required to act on their suggestions, as some may not be practical or support your course objectives, but some are really useful.


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