1.2 contact

Some of the advantages of using technology in student-faculty contact

  • any time, anywhere communication – not limited to class time or office hours  e.g. email, online discussion forums, chat / instant messaging
  • record of contact – no more “gee, I wish I could remember exactly what I told that student” as there is a copy of the conversation with its time and date.
  • repeatable – once you work out great instructions for a lesson, that exact same information can be given to students in all sections this quarter and in the future. Allows for “refinement” as students identify new concerns or areas of difficulty.
  • it just gets better – revising and improving material over time helps keep the course material relevant and students engaged

Moodle/ Catalyst

Resources – The primary means of presenting information to the whole class is via resources. There are a number of different types of resources – text pages, web pages, links to other web sites. Resources are the simplest form of passive, or push communication available. You pass the information to the students.



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