1.1 Student-faculty contact – overview

This is the first of the series of daily Technology Supported Learning workshop updates. Even if you were not able to attend the in-person meeting Tuesday, please join the continuing discussions online.

Note that the discussions from the January conversations are still in the course. There were some good questions and comments, and having some “history” makes it more interesting that coming to a new, empty discussion forum.

Everyday there will be something new in the discussions and resources. Try to participate in at least one discussion – the prompt in the update will be the “active” topic. There will also be Moodle / Catalyst functions – please spend a few minutes exploring these. Even if you are using Catalyst, there are many options that can be discovered by clicking on the “?” and reading the help provided.

Let me know if you have questions.

Principle : 1. encourage student-faculty contact

EXPLORE Student experience : Introductions, Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education & Moodle

  • What are some characteristics of your teaching style that are important to you and your students?
  • What learning activities bring out the best in your students?


  • The Seven Principles were written in 1987. Instructional Immediacy and the Seven Principles: Strategies for Facilitating Online Courses was written in 2003. Why are they still relevant today?

APPLY Development/ reflection : Instruction, Individual learning support one-on-one

  • What challenges does today’s higher education environment place on faculty and students?



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