6. Communicate high expectations ..2



  • Setting expectations – Are there differences in students’ learning needs – transfer, career enhancement, lifelong learners? How do you set and communicate your expectations to students? Are you considering offering your course as a “hybrid” or fully online? How will that affect your expectations for students learning?
  • Student expectations – What are student expectations about you and your course? Are you the “sage on the stage” or the “guide on the side” for your course, or something completely different? To what extent is your presence expected/required? Should students expect to “see” a lot of the instructor? Are there situations where instructor presence can negatively impact student-student cooperation?
  • How does the rubric Assessing Teacher Technology Projects compare with your course? What is your progress compared with the rubric? Is this Technology rubric applicable? Do you see some areas where you might rework the technology enhancements in your own course?


  • Evaluation, communication, modeling – Are there Moodle functions or tools that could apply to setting high expectations? How would it fit in with your learning objectives?
  • Tracking participation – How do tracking activity and rating student discussion posts support setting high expectations? Do these features help you assess if your expectations for student participation are being met?
  • I think… forum – What are students’ expectations of higher education? What role does technology-supported learning play in meeting their expectations?
  • How are you doing? Review the criteria for 6. Communicate high expectations in the Course Evaluation Checklist. Any new insights or applications to share?

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