5. Emphasize time on task ..2



  • Ready-made instruction – Are you using instructional content created by someone else? What do you think about open source resources, including whole courses? MIT, Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford as well as other institutions make lectures available – would you permit your lectures to be available like this? Would you include some of these other materials in your course?
  • Do any of the suggestions posted in the Teaching strategies discussion in the moodle.org Using Moodle Forums apply? Enter the course as a “Guest” or register and be counted as a Moodle user.
    Do you have any questions about these suggestions to determine if something will work for you in the Moodle Teaching strategies discussion?


  • Enhancing content – What are your expectations for student time on task with the additional media or open educational resources? What does this material bring to your course? How do you think students will use the information? Are you requiring students to use the material? How will you determine the effectiveness of this addition? …This is the “what” discussion.
  • External content – How could you include content from external sources into your course?
  • Research, collaboration, presentation, wikis – Try one of the functions or tools that looks interesting. What was your experience? Will this promote time on task for your learners?
  • How are you doing? Review the criteria for 5. Emphasize time on task in the Course Evaluation Checklist. Any new insights or applications to share?

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