5. Emphasize time on task


“Time plus energy equals learning. There is no substitute for time on task.” — Arthur W. Chickering and Zelda F. Gamson

Some assignments and course activities produce wonderful learning experiences for students. Some are viewed as drudge work and don’t produce the desired results. We think our subjects are important and interesting. Getting students to spend the time can be a challenge.

For promoting student Time on task there are a number of technology-facilitated learning activities. These include web-based research, collaboration and presentation.

Learning outcomes

  • review types of media
  • discuss use of media in course work
  • access media types
  • locate and include media appropriate for own course
  • explore other activity types and suggest suitability – books, workshop, etc.
  • discuss accessibility issues, adaptive and assistive technologies


Learning takes time. There is no substitute for student learning through Time on Task. However, making the time interesting and rewarding for students can be enhanced dramatically with technology. … 5. Emphasize time on task


  • Have you reviewed “media” or Open Educational Resource (OER) – free course content that apply to your course – lectures, instructional materials, audio, images?

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