Educational games

Educational games – Games as educational resources and learning activities? Have you discovered an educational game or article describing them? Do you use games in your instruction? Do you have links to good stories? Do you have good (and not-so-good) experiences including games?

Sherri wrote

I’ve used games in my live classes and have found that most students love them. I have a couple quizzes I can give in gaming format with students working in groups. All students participate and share their thoughts & answers with each other, often spurring great discussion and presenting different perpectives. Games are often seen as less intimidating too, especially when students can work in groups. I keep points but everyone in the class gets the same grade on the quiz, as I like to think they are ALL “winners” in the larger scheme of the discussion and rationale about the correct answers.

Sometimes students don’t “get” the game format, especially if I use an old TV game show as my format. This can lead to a lot of time prepping them to the format and the “rules” of the game. I’ve found it works best if I do not reference an old TV show and just put simple instructions up on the screen.

I’ve also allowed students to use gaming in group presentations if they choose. They’ve done some really creative work.


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