4. Give prompt feedback


It seems that students have shorter attentions spans than ever, and with some justification. “Generation Instant Gratification” has never had to wait for anything. Although the Seven Principles date back to the late 1970s and 80s the principle of Prompt feedback is as important as ever.

Fortunately, technology provides some relief – Self-grading quizzes, comments and annotated assignments, chat, all allow students to work at their own pace AND receive prompt feedback. This can be a big help in the 24 / 7 world where today’s students live, work and learn.

Learning outcomes

  • review issues of plagiarism, intellectual property, cheating
  • investigate tools for assessing student learning
  • complete quizzes and develop quiz questions and quizzes in own course
  • complete assignments with feedback and add activity with feedback to own course
  • discuss appropriate level of control and feedback response for learning being assessed


Be careful what you wish for – you might get it. Technology enhancements can facilitate providing Prompt feedback. Being instantly available to head-off serious problems is good. However, giving students the opportunity to solve problems themselves, or asking classmates for assistance is essential. … 4. Give prompt feedback


  • Technology Enhanced Feedback – Do you include self grading quizzes? How can quizzes be used for active learning? Should students be limited to one attempt at a quiz? How important are personalized notes in assignment grading? Do you have references to articles or sites that describe the use of rubrics for evaluating student work that you can share?

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