3. Encourage active/engaged learning ..2



  • Active and engaging – How can this principle be enhanced using technology? Are there classroom activities that could be adapted for online learning? What attributes contribute to student engagement?


  • Project based learning, course objectives, outcomes – Which one of the other functions or tools looks interesting? Can you use this in your teaching? Does this technology support your learning objectives? Would this be applicable to your course? How would it fit in with your learning objectives?
  • Graded assignments and quizzes – What are some options for assessing student learning? How are concerns about academic integrity, cheating, outside assistance addressed by the options and settings provided?
  • Measuring student achievement – What are some of the ways that technology is affecting your methods for promoting active participation, engaging students and evaluating student learning? Need some new ideas? Do you have specific questions?
  • What concerns do you have about Privacy and Personal Information as they apply to technology in instruction?
  • How are you doing? Review the criteria for 3. Encourage active/engaged learning in the Course Evaluation Checklist. Any new insights or applications to share?

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