3. Encourage active/engaged learning


Ideally, all students are active and engaged learners most of the time. However, the reality is that instructors must work to provide the environment that motivates students to participate in their learning.

Students are comfortable with technology in many forms. Enhancing instruction to tap into the media literacy of students is not difficult, as we shall see.

Some of the strategies for promoting Active/ engaged learning include project based learning, and educational games.

Learning outcomes

  • review strategies for including active and engaged learning in instruction
  • discuss problem-based learning in higher education
  • create an activity that requires new approach to instruction of curriculum content and add activity to own course
  • discuss assessing student performance


Students who have grown up with technology in education and entertainment expect to engage with their learning. Active learning can take on many forms, and students are quick to adapt – often, more quickly than their instructors. …3. Encourage active/engaged learning


  • Need some inspiration and video for your course? TED Talks: Every year, a thousand “thought-leaders, movers and shakers” get together at a four-day conference called TED (which is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design). In this collection, you’ll find various talks presented at the conference. They usually run about 20 minutes. Attend a virtual lecture. Why is this interesting? Post the link to the session you visit and 2-3 sentences describing the topic and your experience to the Virtual Lectures discussion. Can be used in class or for personal development.
  • Educational games – Games as educational resources and learning activities? Have you discovered an educational game or article describing them? Do you use games in your instruction? Do you have links to good stories? Do you have good (and not-so-good) experiences including games?

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