Curious people…

This is part of a much longer dialog about “connectivism” and a MOOC by the same name

Curious people I know are driven to question almost as a carelessness for their public image. It’s as if they missed the lecture on “appearing competent” and relish the thrill of a really well performed screw-up.

To me, a true connectivist, if there is such a person, is pretty rare. Its an attitude that needs developing in an environment where mistakes are tolerated and genuine effort counts. That leaves the school system out, so where else do we look?

This is a hard question that needs solving. We’re dreaming to think everyone will self-actuate simply because it suits the economy or supports a theory. We might start by doing something very contrary to the way we insist education should operate: allow people to be “wrong” without instant reprimand. Allow feedback to work its way to the surface before we step in to explain–we explain too much anyway.

Good call Kevin, maybe connectivism is based on letting the world explain itself? Not that what we find out shouldn’t be processed in our heads, but to back off on the need for things to “fit” or meet expectations. This is an active, demanding process.


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