Ice-breakers online

Why are ice breakers so important in an online course?

An ice breaker, though comprising only a small portion of the total time spent in any meetings/class/group/etc., can be of vital importance to the success of any group process. There are many small group theories that describe the stages of group development from a collection of individuals to a cohesive whole. Some form of interdependence is often the end result in a successful group. But to achieve this level, the individuals in a group must get to know one another and an environment must be created in which everyone feels open to discussion and friendliness.

Only through this discussion can the group process evolve, especially in an online course where text-based discussion may be the only form of communication. In an online course, the need to establish such an environment of open discussion where everyone can get to know one another must actively be sought in order for it to develop in a reasonable amount of time. Ice breakers help the instructor to develop this environment continues…

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