Lurking – a learning skill

Lurking – a key “learning skill” for this workshop – keeping the breadth and depth at or near your comfort level. Participate in any and all workshop activities that you can. Feel free to skip anything that doesn’t seem important or relevant to you now.

The material is mostly available to anyone, anytime, anywhere as it is delivered as public pages hosted at WikiEducator.

The discussions are inside the workshop “course” in CatalystDev to limit access to registered DeAnza faculty participants. The discussions are the best part of the workshop – just as they are in an on-campus workshop. Sharing with colleagues, asking questions and getting new ideas are important.

In each of the topics, there are suggested activities for adding learning support technology to your own courses. Please think about these, even if you decide not to implement anything at this time.

And, if you have questions, please ask.


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