Moodle for Teachers (M4T)

Here is an opportunity for anyone who wants to get a quick start in Moodle with a worldwide group of participants.

Everyone is invited to join the Moodle for Teachers (M4T) free online Orientation and Beginners Workshops at IT4ALL:

The goal of the M4T-Orientation workshop is to prepare you for learning in an online environment. You will learn to understand online learning from the student’s perspective so you can prepare your future courses with the learner in mind.


This intensive, three-week-long workshop is designed to engage you in theoretical and practical aspects of online learning with a Learning Management System called Moodle. You will be introduced to the Moodle philosophy and course tools. By successfully completing the program you will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to successfully communicate and collaborate with your peers in an online learning environment.

Workshop Context

In the workshop each participant will practice working as a “student” in the resources and activities provided in the learning management system of Moodle.


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